The Hunt For Themed Dresses

Youll always want to be wearing the best on your special day, and if you happen to be celebrating your wedding or living in London, then youre in luck. London boasts a large number of high-quality tailors and designers that specialize in almost any style you may have in mind. Need a shimmering princess gown to match your weddings royal theme? No problem, as there are dozens of themed bridal shops willing to cater to your needs. In fact, were here to explore some of the best bridal wear London to give you a hand in providing you with your next dream dress.

Sanyukta Shrestha

Its been said that history has a habit of repeating itself, and this statement can surely be said for the clothing industry. If youre a bride-to-be searching for a vintage wedding gown thats stylish enough to fit modern standards, then theres no other bridal wear London expert to consult except for Sanyukta Shrestha. Her name is associated with eco-friendly dresses and elegant gowns ready to walk the runways of the UK.

Her Wallis in love collection is the highlight of her vintage style, as A-line skirts and high necklines that hint at the conservative bring forth a line of dresses that even our grandmothers in the height of their youth would dream of. Take vintage a step further and meet your knight-in-shining-armor in the Kathryn wedding dress. Its a simple, long-sleeved cotton dress that reminds us of castles and kings from the medieval times.

Looking for something a bit more subtle? The Elmira wedding dress A-line skirt and ribbon tied at the base of the back creates a timeless gown that borrows from modern and vintage styles.

Sanyukta Shresthas works can be found at Plush Couture, Angelica Bridal and Behuli, all of which are located in London. While the pieces mentioned above are all ready-made, you can of course have your own custom bridal gowns designed here.

Mirror Mirror

Feel like making your childhood fairy tale dreams come true? Then pay a visit to Mirror Mirror, a bridal boutique located along Penton Street, London. Designers such as Maria Yiannikaris, Rita Mae and Marco & Maria have dresses on display that are there to unleash your inner princess.

The Belle dress bodice embroidery that continues down its long sleeves remind us of renaissance luxury, while Gemy Maaloufs Naples gowns simple draping and side slit give off the vibe of a Greek goddess. Mirror Mirrors wedding dresses hold a reputation for being worn by celebrities such as Zoe Ball and Tamsin Outhwaite, which just goes to show their spot in the limelight.

Your search for bridal wear London may seem like a daunting task at first, but it can easily be helped by starting at one of the boutiques mentioned above. Looking for a wedding dress design that can suit a certain theme may seem like a costume hunt, but London happens to be crawling with designers who can successfully create a themed dress that still fits modern taste and style.