Natural Looking Makeup: Easy As 1-2-3!

Unfold your Natural Beauty! Create the most natural and glowing makeup to enhance your best features by evening out your skin. Easy as 1-2-3.

Most women really like to feel that they are wearing virtually no makeup. Most women cant deny this. Its with great pride that you hear women say all the time, I wear no makeup to work or when Im going out. Some women think that wearing makeup is like wearing a thick mask on their face. There are all sorts of misconceptions about women and their makeup beauty routines. True beauty is not a matter of how much makeup you wear, but rather its all about how your inner beauty radiates through.

For those women out there who walk around with very little to no makeup, its time to introduce the concept of how makeup can actually make you achieve that Natural dewy skin look. The Natural look can be described as having the most glowingly healthy skin with a tint of natural colour on your cheeks, eyes and lips.

Every woman has some sort of insecurity about their face, whether its the dark circles around the eyes or a small blemish. These imperfections can be corrected with makeup and also help the skin maintain its healthy glow. Wearing makeup is not about covering up, but its about unfolding your natural beauty, by evening out the skins complexion.

Facing the Facts about your Skin

Most women tend to have darker circles around their eyes this is true for all ethnicities.

Some women experience darker tones around the mouth corners.

General unevenness around the face or discoloration is not unusual.

Imperfections can be improved long term with premanent makeup. See for full details.

All of these imperfections can be corrected. When you even your skin out with foundation or powder, your face looks smooth, glowing and healthy. Unfortunately, when your face appears to have uneven skin tones, it doesnt look its best nor healthy. Makeup products are tools to be used to enhance facial features. If you want to look younger and more vibrant, evening out the skin tone will do the trick.

Looking Natural with Makeup

We all know that every person you see on ads, magazines, commercials and red carpets are wearing more makeup than the average person. But, why do we gush over celebrities who look like they are naturally flawless? Makeup creates the natural looking radiant skin, which is that evenness you want so badly.

Looking natural in every way requires a few makeup steps that will enhance your cheekbones and eyes, without looking like youre overly done up. In this natural look, the focus will be on the skin and highlighting the contours of your face, rather than dramatic eyeshadow or lipstick. When a woman goes bare faced and without any makeup, she loses the pinks in her cheeks, and lacks the dimension. When applying a light amount of makeup to your overall face it will accentuate your best facial features for that alluring look.

Steps for that Gorgeous Natural look

Wash your face with a cleanser before applying your makeup.

Use a moisturizer and apply it all over your face apply small amounts first.

Prime up your face by applying a Face Primer evenly all over your face.

Apply your favourite concealer in problem areas on the Face. Specifically, like the dark circles, dark spots or anywhere that will need to be covered up.

Use a foundation brush and apply the foundation all over your face.

Use your best bronzer and use a contouring brush and highlight underneath your cheekbones. For best results, contour nose and forehead to have that bronze look.

Use a rosy pink or coral blush and apply on the apples of your cheeks.

Fill in your eyebrows so they are nicely arched.

Line your eyes with brown eyeliner and Mascara.

Apply a pinkish lipstick colour and gloss. Then youre looking super natural with dewy skin.

Remember true natural beauty is always internal first and glowing skin comes after with the steps provided in this article. When a person has a beautiful base, which is their beautiful skin, make sure its flawless with concealer, foundation and bronzer. Its easy to enhance your beauty, with a lot of practice and ability to get the right products.