Proper Hydration With Alkaline Water For The Best Performance During Exercise

Depending on the intensity of your work-out routine, you can lose up to 3 liters of fluid in an hours time as you exercise. Fatigue, light headedness and muscle cramps are among the most common manifestations of dehydration during a work-out. It is for this reason that staying hydrated before, during and post-exercise cannot be understated.

Why you should stay hydrated

Proper hydration holds several benefits for both the body and mind, and more so during high-intensity activities like physical training and exercising. Water provides the necessary lubricants to the joints, which averts muscle cramps and injury. In addition, water helps to regulate your body temperature, which, if left unchecked may lead to dizziness and a general sense of fatigue. Water also helps in maintaining the energy levels during exercise by transporting essential nutrients and oxygen in the body system. Dehydration can lead to a sub-optimal performance, which will prevent you from getting the best out of your workout.

Water: The Quality Consideration

While the sole focus is often erroneously on the quantity of water consumed, the quality of water is also very important. Regular tap water contains many contaminants including chlorine and other chemicals that are intentionally added to the water as well as contaminants that are not intended and are difficult to remove. Experts have revealed that chlorine has some potentially harmful effects on the body. Many bottled water brands and sports drinks are acidic, and these can unfavorably offset the PH balance in the body.

Ionization is one of the more effective techniques employed in the purification of water. Alkaline ionized water is micro-clustered, meaning that it has a smaller molecular structure. This micro-structure enables it to better permeate the cellular make-up of the body tissues. As a result, there is better hydration of the cells owing to easier and more ready absorption, with a greater uptake of supplements and other nutrients. During exercise, there is an appreciable buildup of lactic acid. Alkaline water helps to restore the PH levels in the tissues by buffering and neutralizing the acidity.

Even more astounding is the super antioxidant property of alkaline water. During electrolysis, alkaline water gains free electrons, giving it a net negative charge. The water is able to give these electrons to free oxygen radicals which would otherwise cause significant oxidative stress and damage in the body tissues. By this action, ionized alkaline water is undoubtedly a potent antioxidant, and one that is very inexpensive to produce.

Proper hydration is an important aspect of healthy exercise and fitness. Avoid dehydration with alkaline ionized water for the best performance and overall wellness. A great alkaline water product to look into is Kangen Water®, produced by Enagic water machines.