How to dry shoes overnight

Shoes are always under immense pressure ranging from rugged terrain to unpleasant weather. At times, you may plan to wear a certain type of sneaker for an occasion only to find it soaking wet. Watery shoes can be a direct result of being caught in sudden rain. It can also be as a result of excessively washing dirt from the shoe, or falling into puddles.

Water is harmful to shoes that are not water-resistant. It can damage the glue or cause bacteria and mold to fester. Shoes that are not properly taken care of can develop unpleasant odors, thus causing embarrassment. Properly taken care of shoes can serve you for years. One proven way of taking good care of shoes is ensuring they are washed every fortnight; excessive washes can lead to discoloration. This piece details some methods to use when drying your shoes simply and effectively overnight. If not dried properly, some shoes tend to crump up or shrink in size.

The fastest and safest way to dry shoes is to use newspapers or paper towels. These two are known to be absorbent and draw out moisture. After washing the shoes, be sure to remove the innersoles to dry separately. Get the newspaper and stuff a few sheets inside each shoe preferably balled up. Place in a ventilated area, to ensure maximum absorption.

Check back after an hour and repeat the process until the shoe is dry. This process is ideal as the paper suck out moisture as well as foul smells. Paper is easily accessible and will make the shoe dry faster than just leaving it in the open. There are virtually no risks of shrinking and crumpling. This method might not be ideal for shoes that are manufactured with high moisture retention materials.

The second method of completely drying shoes is buying a specialized tool known as the shoe dryer. A shoe dryer is available online and in many stores. The dryer itself comes in different sizes depending on the shoe type, and the long tubes go inside the shoe. When using a dryer, ensure that the shoe toe is always higher than the heel, to dry it thoroughly.

Most manufacturers recommend using an anvil to circulate air in the shoe. You should also ensure there are at least six inches of clearance between the shoes and the base of the dryer. Before plugging in the dryer, ensure there are no obstructions near its vents. This could lead to overheating, thus causing a fire. Place it in a secluded place and not near any other source of heat for the maximum circulation of air.

A shoe dryer is effective with premium dryers including deodorants that leave the shoes dry and fresh. The only disadvantage of using this method is increased power consumption.