Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster

Many women desire long hair that is beautiful and healthy. In this article I put a couple of my favorite tips together for beautiful long hair.

Set Realistic expectations

Although this wont make your hair grow faster, setting a realistic expectation is an important step. Growing 5 inches of hair in a month is just not going to happen, but with a realistic expectation you can have a goal to shoot for that is attainable. When you have such a high expectation of hair growth in a short amount of time it starts to feel like it is taking forever and can get discouraging. Set a realistic expectation and be diligent in your hair regimen.

Use conditioner

Whenever your hair gets wet it is a good idea to use conditioner. Aveda Institutes preaches using a conditioner heavily in their beauty and skin care training courses. Conditioner replaces the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft, it is a good idea to replenish your hair because of the abuse your hair goes through daily. Conditioner will seal the cuticle to help prevent further damage to your hair, more damage to your hair means less growth which we dont want.

Dont Shampoo Every Shower

Conditioner is normally the product that gets skipped during a shower, but shampoo is the one that you should skip as much as you can. Shampoo is designed to clean out dirt and product buildup, but it can also rob your hair of essential natural oils that keep your hair soft and healthy. If you need shampoo, use it lightly and be very gentle with your hair. The best way to clean your hair with shampoo is to lather up at your scalp and then let the suds run down your hair while the water rinses it out.

Use cold water at the end of your shower

Cold water rinses can help your hair growth and also keep it healthier for longer. If you can withstand an ice-cold rinse at the end of a shower, it is an important step to your hair growing process. Cold water lays the outer layer of your hair down smoothly, which helps prevent snags, heat damage and moisture loss. Just take a few extra seconds to rinse off, it is great for your overall hair health.

Consider hair-boosting supplements

There are many factors that play into your hair growth, a big one is proper nutrients. Examine your diet because an incorrect diet can rob your hair of the proper hair-building nutrients needed to grow healthy hair that grows to long lengths and resists damage. Hair-boosting supplements can range in pricing so finding one within your budget is one of the steps to finding a supplement that works for you. The most crucial step to picking a hair-boosting supplement is to consult a doctor. By consulting a doctor, you ensure that your supplement will not affect any preexisting conditions or medication that you are taking.

These are just a few of the many tips for hair growth. I hope that these tips help you in your journey to long and beautiful hair.