Roc Renewex Microdermabrasion Expert Facial Kit A Review

A review of the microdermabrasion system from Roc which claims to visibly transform skin texture for fresh, youthful looking skin.

RoC is a French cosmetics company founded in the 1950s and has been a leader in the area of health and beauty for many years now. Roc is continually researching and developing new anti-ageing products. The Renewex Microdermabrasion kit, which retails at approximately £40, is designed for use in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Dermatologists and professionals use microdermabrasion, which is essentially skin texture resurfacing, because it is a highly effective way to to visibly rejuvenate skin. Roc claims that use of the product will immediately enhance surface cell turnover from the first occasion it is used, producing visibly fresher, smoother and softer skin. As part of an on-going skin care regime it is purported to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Roc Renewex Kit Contents:
-Renewex applicator with storage stand
-Renewex cream
-x2 Renewex sponges
-x2 AA Duracell battery

Instruction booklet

Instructions for Use of Roc Renewex System

Before use, cleanse your skin with a soap free cleanser as part of your daily skin care routine.
Fix the sponge head onto the hand-held applicator and check the batteries are in place.
Lightly dip the sponge head into the aluminium oxide cream.
Dot the cream around your face, concentrating on your chin, cheeks, nose and forehead.
Commencing with the low speed setting, gently massage the cream into your skin using a circular action. There is no need to press hard as the vibration of the applicator will evenly distribute the cream.

If desired increase the speed setting to high but do not massage for more than 1-2 minutes per facial area.
Rinse the skin thoroughly with warm water, pat it dry and apply your choice of moisturiser.

The Roc Renewex Microdermabrasion system is designed to be used in conjunction with the aluminium oxide cream. The size of the crystals in the cream is specifically designed to safely promote efficient surface cell renewal without excess irritation of the skin.

Issues to Carefully Consider Before Using Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion is safe and effective for most skin types, but before you begin, consider the following:

If you are receiving treatment from your doctor for an existing skin condition, it is advisable to check with him/her before using this particular Roc product. It can be used in conjuncion with dermal fillers.

Avoid the eye, lip and nostril areas.
If you know that you have sensitive skin, minimise the use of the Roc microdermabrasion system to once a week.
Do not use this product on any broken areas of skin on your face.
The aluminium oxide cream is formulated to minimise the risk of allergies, but in the event of any skin reaction, it is advised that you inform your family doctor.

Essentially, as long as you are sensible and have thoroughly read all the instructions and adhered to the guidance contained in the patient information leaflet, this is a great product. Once the supplied cream has been used it is possible to purchase refill pots of cream or you could consider using something with a similar “gritty” texture. It is wonderful to be able to achieve a professional looking result whilst not leaving the convenience of home.